Vantage Point and rPhone (Release 6.7) and Web Phone - 11/19/2017


Vantage Point - New features and updates:.

  • Added the audio wizard button to the User Information panel in the Vantage Point when integrated with the rPhone.
  • Added and updated the audio icons on the User Information panel when integrated with rPhone.
  • Added a shortcut to hide the title bar for all pods in the quick launch bar.
  • Hosts can now set and display a timer prior to the start of a breakout session.
  • Added the ability to filter out users with an inactive camera from the Vantage Point console.
  • Added localization, the application can now be accessed in different languages based on locale.

Vantage Point - fixes:

  • Resolved the issue of camera feeds from Microsoft Surface devices not being recognized by the Vantage Point console.  
  • Minor text and interface updates.
  • Fixed a bug where the popup box of the timer would not show up for participants in Adobe Connect after the host pauses a session for a set amount of time.  
  • Fixed bug where the speed test function in the User Information panel would not show any results when executed.
  • Fixed bug that caused the phone icon in the User panel to disappear when the Host mutes all microphones.
  • Fixed bug where Hosts and Participants would see different popup messages in Adobe Connect when a Host pauses a session from the Vantage Point console.


rPhone - New features and updates:


  • Added WebPhone functionality.

rPhone - fixes:

  • Added localization and the pod can now be accessed in different languages based on locale.
  • Fixed bug that caused the rPhone pod to freeze with a “Please Wait” message if a User enters incorrect ZipDX credentials.
  • Fixed bug that prevented universal voice from being fully usable when connecting  rPhone audio profile to a meeting in Adobe Connect Central.
  • Participants’ microphones are no longer activated automatically when joining a meeting room.


Web Phone - New features and updates:

  • Added the ability to load custom themes and change the Web Phone interface.
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