Collapsible Label

With the Collapsible Label feature you can streamline the look of your courses and facilitate accessing and navigating content by allowing your users to expand or collapse content within a label, hiding long text passages when no longer needed.

Collapsible Labels are added from inside a course by turning Editing on then going to the Activity Chooser (Add an activity or a resource) and selecting Collapsible Label:

When the screen Adding a new Collapsible Label appears, give the label a descriptive name, select how to display the field initially, then add the Collapsible Label text. 

Select “yes” or “no” for whether the label will appear “open” (expanded, full text visible) or closed (collapsed) via the drop-down menu.  Yes means the user will see both the label Name and the entire label text; no means the user will see only the label Name:

The opening or closing of the label by course administrators or users is via the light gray arrow to the left of the label Name:

When the user clicks on the arrow, the label text is displayed:

Other settings on the Adding a new Collapsible Label page allow you to restrict accessibility of the label to members of certain groupings (via the Common Module); restrict availability of the label based on dates, completion of activities or other conditional prerequisites (via the Restrict Access settings); and set completion criteria for viewing the label (via Activity Completion).


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