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The front page drop-down menu is a feature of the Refined Training that is required to be set up to work with each client's specific theme. If you are interested in using this feature please contact for assistance.  Once set up, turn on Front Page editing and a small edit icon will appear to the left of the word Home:

Click on the icon to set up the various headers used in the drop-down menu. The initial editor looks very simple:

Top indicates the items listed across the header. Home is the default heading. To add another heading that will display on the header, click on the plus sign to the right of the TOP category, beside the closed eye. The basic set-up screen will appear:

When adding a new item or editing an existing item, indicate the:
Name: what the users will see as a heading.
URL: where the link will take the user.
Sort Order: the positioning the item will take in the header sequence. This can be defined to the decimal point (Example: if Home is sort order 1 and Courses is sort order 2, if I want to insert the heading My Courses in between these two items I could give it a sort order 1.5).
Special tags (used in URL line):

[[courses]] will list all courses on the site (expect see below for excluding courses)
[[mycourses]] will list the courses a user is enrolled in.

To add a heading below Home, click on the plus sign to the right of Home.

The closed eye in TOP allows for excluding courses from being listed in the menu. Click on the eye and in the Excluded Courses field of the editing screen, add the course ID number of any course to be excluded. Ensure that each ID number is preceded and followed by a hyphen, as in the example below. (The course ID number is found at the end of the URL when in the course or highlight the course in the drop-down menu and check the URL that will display in the lower left of your screen.)

To close the editor, click on Home.

 When a user clicks on the Course heading, they will see the categories listed; clicking on a category will display all the visible courses in that category:

To create menus in various languages, the admin must switch their language to the other language and then build the menus using the editor for each language on their site.

 To allow users who are not logged in to see the drop-down menu, go to Administration>>> Site administration>>> Plugins>>> Local plugins>>> Dropdown Menus:

On the Dropdown Menus settings dialog, enable the option Public:

The colors of the drop-down menu as well as all Refined Theme colors can be selected at Administration>>> Site administration>>> Appearance>>> Themes>>> Refined.
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