Site Policy Acknowledgement

Replace paper-based approval processes and improve efficiency and security for your LMS and course content with the Site Policy Acknowledgement feature.  When users are added to the LMS, whether by email-based self-registration, bulk upload or manual registration, they can be required to acknowledge and agree to the Site Policy upon their first login before they can accessing any content the LMS.

First the site administrator must enter the URL of a publicly available page containing the site policy. We recommend this page be created as an HTML page to provide a nice clean look to the end user and improve the page loading time. Go to Site administration>>> Security>>> Site policies and scroll down to Site policy URL:

The first time each user logs in and attempts to maneuver around the site, they will encounter the Site policy acknowledgement screen:

The user must enter his or her name exactly as the LMS shows in bold type and click OK.  If they misspell their name or in any way enter it incorrectly, the name field will clear and the user will have to re-enter the name.  Once users have successfully acknowledged the Site Policy, they will not encounter this screen on subsequent logins.

If there are any spaces in the user name then the entry will not be accepted.


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