C-2-E Administrative Landing Page

Connect-2-Everything clients now have a Password Protected Landing Page that allows them to upload a batch file containing users and add them to permissions for an existing meeting room. Existing users are automatically assigned to the appropriate Connect Administrative Group, while accounts are created for new users then these new users are added to the indicated Administrative Group.

Set Up

Your Refined Training Specialist will provide you with your custom URL to the administrative panel along with your unique password.

The URL link looks similar to this: http://YOURCOMPANY.connect2everything.refineddata.com/admin/login

The page you arrive at is the administration log in page:


Once logged in, administrators see an option to Upload Users or generate a Report:

Click on Upload Users and then on Choose File to select a CSV file of people to add to one or more Adobe Connect meetings:

If you choose the CSV, you will be able to download and open a file that looks something like this:


Click on Browse to find the file on your computer and open it.

The file must be in CSV format with the first row as the "header" containing the column headings firstname, lastname, email, URL and password. The meeting URL(s) must already exist in Adobe Connect or the user will not be created. Also, the password field will be ignored for existing users. The columns can be in any order, as long as they are all included and there no additional fields, otherwise the page will return an error.

If you do not include an email or URL for any user, that user will not be uploaded to the meeting. Also, since the system validates all emails, if the email address for a particular user is not valid (for example, the extension was mistyped co instead of com), that user is also not added.

Once the file is selected, click on Submit and your upload will proceed. Once the upload is complete, you will receive a confirmatory message. We recommend you review the logs (below date on same page as confirmatory message) for any errors that may have occurred:


For a particular upload, the logs show a list of users and the meetings for which they were given permission to attend. If any users were not uploaded because no email or URL was included for them or if the emails for any users were not valid, the log file will indicate which users were not added and for what reason.

To access the logs for previous uploads, click on Back to return to the administrative panel. Then click on Previous Uploads and select by date.

To summarize, at the time of the upload, the system creates an Administrative Group with the same name as the meeting URL, places users in this Administrative Group and associates this group with the meeting indicated, allowing participants access to anyone else in the group. If users already exist in Adobe Connect, they will be placed in the Administrative Group, which grants permission to enter the meeting room.


To obtain a report about a particular live session, select Report on the admin console. On the following screen, enter the meeting URL and select the Format (CSV or JSON):

If you choose the CSV, you will be able to download and open a file that looks something like this:

The In and Out times indicate the amount of time the attendee spent in the meeting.

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