Single Login Authentication

This feature preventing users from logging into the LMS with the same username and password from different browsers and/or on different computers.

To enable this feature for the LMS, go to Site administration>>> Plugins>>> Authentication>>> Manage authentications:

Enable the Single Login on by opening the eye. Then, to define how the feature will work, either click on Settings or go to Site administration>>> Plugins>>> Authentication>>> Single login:

Select Yes for Restrict to one login:

The next option, Remove First, if set to Yes, logs out the first user in the LMS using that username and password and redirects them to a login screen. If set to No, the second user who attempts to log in with that username and password will receive an error message that Account already logged in:

Clicking on Continue redirects them to the login screen.

The Single login applies even to Administrators who try to log in twice (from different browsers).
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