Updating the Vantage Point container

While Vantage Point is a self-updating pod, when making significant changes to the pod you will sometimes be prompted to update your Vantage Point container to ensure you are running the latest version.

Before you begin, ensure you have downloaded the new version

You can view a 90 second video of how to complete the update by clicking here

or follow the steps outlined below:

1) In a meeting room where you have Host rights simply select "Pods | Manage Pods" from the menu bar.

2) Scroll down the list of pods and click on the Vantage Point entry in the list to highlight it and then click the Delete button. This removes the old pod from the room.

3) Create a new empty Share pod by selecting "Pods | Share | Add New Share" from the menu bar.

4) Click Share Documents from the pod and select the new downloaded Vantage Point container file (swf).

5) The new pod version is now active in your room and will continue to self-update with the latest releases.

You will need to repeat this process in other existing rooms that you intend to reuse but new rooms created from your Default Meeting Template will automatically have the updated version.

Should you require further assistance, please submit a request or email support@refineddata.com

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