Best Practices

Best practices

1). When Vantage Point starts (i.e. the Start Session button is clicked), all participants are granted camera and microphone rights. While the users have these rights, it is important that they do not all exercise these rights. Think of it like the right to free speech; we all have it, but if we all speak at once we cannot hear each other.


The best practice in this scenario is NOT inviting everyone to turn on their microphones at one time in a large group. It places heavy demand on user computers, the Adobe servers, and results in additional CPU load for echo cancellation. It's best to call on participants individually or in small groups using the Activate or Sync mode from the Session Settings.


2). Hosts should not suggests that all participants activate their microphones at one time (with or without Vantage Point). The audio feedback loops cause the echo cancellation routines in Adobe Connect to overload resulting in poor performance.


3). Multiple users in close proximity causes reintroduction of audio output. Therefore, for best results, participants should be on a headset/mic unit. Consider making this a prerequisite for attendance unless all participants use “listen-only” mode (passively watching and not contributing). Otherwise, formally instruct participants to keep their microphones muted or off unless actively speaking.


Consider also asking participants to not active their cameras unless called on or asked to do so. This is similar to asking participants not to stand up randomly in a physical classroom and start talking unless invited to do so. As a class size rises, this protocol becomes more and more important.

4). There are numerous configurations for using Vantage Point. Here our two examples:

In the first image, the instructor is running Vantage Point on a second monitor and can glance down to see the audience without appearing to look away from the camera.


In the second image, the instructor is teaching in front of a whiteboard and immediately in front of him is a large TV where he can view his audience. Below the TV is a monitor showing the participant view of the classroom. The instructor is not interacting with Adobe Connect, but teaches in the usual way, and a production assistant operates both Adobe Connect and Vantage Point from the Host screen.



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