Release Notes (RT 3.1.3) 01/04/2015



 New Features:

• Updates to the display of the webinar registration page

• Build a Summary Table to Consolidate standard (new) and legacy logs

• Create a setting to enable simplified sign-in on main domain

• Allow Iconic Display options for the Connect Activity view page

• Develop Log entries for RT 3 / M 2.7

• Implement message page with Pre-requisite regarde feature to display to end-user when grade is not immediately returned

• Modifications to the AC authentication method

• Build setting to restore Moodle default settings for end-user messaging.

• Build block settings for "Courses Block Dashboard" to allow global settings for R&R feature

• Various Performance Improvements 



Minor Updates and Bug Fixes:

• Allow "Postcode" field to be valid in user upload

• Update working for setting for Connect Meeting phone information to display

• Generate an error message when user enters incorrect name on Site Policy Agreement

• Fix "my meetings" tag so it does not point to recordings

• Remove option for "none" in Iconic Display options

• Create an Error Message when administrator is adding a Connect Meeting to nitify them the setting "update Connect Central" is disabled

• Fix managers / completion report to pull from both the standard and legacy logs

• Fix Meeting Connect activity settings to use the correct Adobe Connect template

• Fix for having the Register Now button only display to non-enrolled users for a specific course in the calendar

• Fix Extra Iconic HTML to respect formatting in HTML editor

• Fix Training Report to link profile data from end-user profiles

• Create miscellaneous/ Default category for Course Fields Feature

• Add the retry link to RT platform standard language files

• Fix "invalidrestorefile" error when restoring a backed up course

• Remove Required/Recommended blocks from dropdown listing once added

• Grouping name does not display for admins when icon selected instead of a link for Connect Activities

• Video player not displaying on the course page for new or updated Video activities.

• Fix Responsif Theme - "change password" link in login drop down to points to correct URL

• Pull system default time zone on Webinars.php form on Support Site

• Restore filters for Active Users report to remove RD accounts

• Update Active Users report to display in UTC (vs displaying by users time zone)

• Phone and address information do not persist in LMS when saved in users profile.

• Cannot create a meeting on ACME2

• Ensure Meeting Icons do not point to recordings when meeting is in session

• Updates to language through out the platform



Release date: 2015-01-04

Browser Required: IE 9 or higher, Chrome (latest) , Firefox (latest) , Safari (latest)

System Requirement: Discontinued support for Windows XP Product Overview:

Notes: Minor release after Moodle 2.7 upgrade (RT 3.1) based on the Moodle version 2.7 (Build: 20140512)

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