rPhone pod set up in Adobe Connect for meeting hosts

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Setup your audio profile in Adobe Connect

Selecting an audio profile for an Adobe Connect meeting




Introducing the rPhone pod to your meetings! The rPhone is a one time installation extension that significantly enhances the standard Adobe Connect user interface and allows you greater control and flexibility of all your audio options.


To begin using the rPhone in your meetings, you will need to create your own Audio Profile in Adobe Connect and associate the appropriate Audio Profile with each of your meetings.


Setup your audio profile in Adobe Connect

To start using the rPhone pod within a meeting room, the “rPhone (Embedded Credentials)” audio profile will need to be added to the host account using the rPhone in Adobe Connect. To add the rPhone audio profile, navigate to My profile >>>> My Audio profiles >>>> New profile and select rPhone (Embedded Credentials) from the provider drop down menu.


Your administrator will set up a ZipDX account for you. You will receive an email containing the ZipDX profile call in phone number, the host pin, and the participant code. This information is used to set up the Audio Provider within Adobe Connect, which allows the rPhone to be used in a meeting room.



  • the profile name (this could be  “rPhone” + the name of the host). The profile name is displayed in Adobe Connect, or the Refined Training platform, when selecting which audio profile to associate with a meeting room.
  • the ZipDX pin is the password for the ZipDX account, which is also the Host Pin from the ZipDX email and is typically seven digits.
  • the conference code is the Participant Code from the ZipDX email that is typically six digits.
  • the ZipDX username is the ZipDX login name and typically your email address.

Click save to create the audio profile.


Selecting an audio profile for an Adobe Connect meeting

When creating a new meeting, you can select your audio profile for the meeting telephony. To add an audio profile to an Adobe Connect meeting, select the audio conference profile from the Audio Conference Settings drop down menu. This menu displays each audio profile created for each host.  



RT TIP - When setting up meeting rooms for multiple hosts add the host ZipDX credentials to the My Audio Profiles of the user who is responsible for setting up the multiple meetings. This was you can prepare the meeting rooms for your hosts, or presenters, and use their proper audio credentials without having them go through the set up process.



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