How to install Vantage Point and basic participant interaction

The Vantage Point pod allows an Adobe Connect meeting room host to view and interact with students just as they would in a real classroom. This pod is a complete game-changer for online learning, so let’s get started!


Click the video below to discover how to start using the Vantage Point pod or read the documentation.

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Table of contents

Vantage Point pod installation

Accessing the Vantage Point console

Participant interface overview

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Vantage Point pod installation

  1. Select and download your custom pod from the website at Click here to learn how to download and install your custom pod.

We recommend creating a folder titled Refined Data Tools within the shared content tab of Adobe Connect. Use this folder to store all your Refined Data Solutions custom pods.

  1.  Inside a meeting room, ensure that the presenter only area is closed before installing the pod. If it is not, and the pod is installed, the pod will not be available to participants in the meeting room.

Open a new share pod in the meeting room and adjust the size of the pod to make it as small as possible because when the pod is installed in the meeting room, it will disappear from the meeting layout and appear in the Adobe Connect meeting menu bar.

  1. In the pod menu, choose Share Document >>>> Shared Content folder >>>> Refined Data Tools folder >>>> Vantage Point pod.
  1. The Vantage Point pod will load in the meeting room, make itself invisible on the meeting room layout, and appear in the Adobe Connect meeting menu bar. The pod takes up no real-estate in the meeting room layout.

  1. To re-affirm the Vantage Point pod is loaded in the meeting room, select the  Pods menu from the Adobe Connect meeting menu bar >>>> Share >>>> verify the check mark next to Vantage Point.

  1. To completely remove the Vantage Point pod from a meeting room, select Pods >>>> Manage Pods, >>>> highlight the Vantage Point pod >>>> delete. If Vantage Point is not removed in this way, the pod will try to reinstate itself inside the meeting room.


Accessing the Vantage Point console

The Vantage Point pod appears in the Adobe Connect meeting menu bar for meeting hosts.

Hosts click the Vantage Point button in the menu bar to view the Vantage Point console URLs. Hosts may select click here to open the viewer to see the Vantage Point console or may copy and paste the URL to view the console on a different browser or on a separate computer.

The first URL provided is the host URL that is a unique URL containing the user’s ID. This URL tells Vantage Point which user is viewing the Vantage Point console. Multiple facilitators can use Vantage Point, but each is provided their own viewing URL.

The second URL is generic and contains the session ID, but not user IDs. Therefore, this URL can be used by others who are not hosts. Users using this second URL can see the participants in Vantage Point, but no information about individual participants,  or access to questions or settings is made available.


Participant interface overview

The Vantage Point pod is designed to request consent from all participants in an Adobe Connect meeting room. Vantage Point requests this consent through a pop up message that welcomes the participants to the meeting room and allows the participant to approve or deny the Vantage Point pod access to their webcams.

Here, the pop-up message: “Welcome to our online learning room” provides a few instructions and the checkbox that the participant must check to accept that their webcam will be viewable by the instructor at all times during the session.

This pop up message is entirely configurable, so all text and images can be changed to fit specific needs.

Once the session has been initiated, participants see the Vantage Point button available in their Adobe Connect meeting menu bar. By clicking this button, Vantage Point’s access to the participant’s webcam can be removed or re-granted at any time during the meeting by selecting the decline my webcam / allow my webcam option at the bottom of the Vantage Point window.


PDF download

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