Emergency plan in case of server issues with Adobe Connect during a live session

While rare, in the event that Adobe Connect has an issue with their server that is impacting your live event, our team can create a meeting room in Refined Data’s Adobe Connect account, with the same custom URL as your session, then proceed to point your system to this account.  Note: this is in the event that your account is on a different cluster than Refined Data and that ours is not impacted.

Refined Data is required to have one named host in the meeting room for the duration of the event.  
Please note: that this time will be billed at the standard support rate (1 hour minimum) plus any telephony charges accrued during the event.  Use of the meeting room is included.

To initiate this procedure please take the following steps:

1. Submit a high priority ticket request to support@refineddata.com or by clicking here and include the following information:

  • Custom URL to the Adobe Connect session
  • URL to your LMS course page (if applicable)
  • If using telephony, provide the AUdio Provider information including Name / Number / Moderator code / Participant code / Pin etc...
  • Start and end time of the event
  • Number of expected attendees (up to 500)
  • Names of Hosts and Presenters

2. Call your Refined Specialist: 877-643-6439 Ext 702 for Caroline Reilly.  If Caroline is not available contact Kim Smith at Extension 741.




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