Adobe Connect audio support

Audio Setup Wizard

Most audio issues can be resolved by running the Audio Setup wizard.

Run the Audio Setup Wizard by going to the Meeting drop down tab and selecting Audio Setup Wizard

Follow the steps in the wizard to configure your microphone and speakers.  If you continue to experience audio issues after running the wizard, see below for additional troubleshooting tips.


Audio settings

Microphone Settings
To access microphone settings, locate the microphone icon in the top menu. 

Click the right arrow to access microphone settings including the option to mute your microphone, disconnect your microphone, adjust your microphone volume or select a different microphone.

Note: Make sure your microphone is connected before entering the meeting room. If you do not see your microphone in the list, exit the meeting room, connect your microphone and then re-launch the meeting room.


Speaker Settings
To access speaker settings, locate the speaker icon in the top menu.

Click the right arrow to access speaker settings including the option to mute your speakers, mute conference audio (when connected via a conference line) and adjust speaker volume.


Frequently asked questions

Why does the sound echo, how do I prevent feedback?
If you hear sound coming from multiple sources try: a) turning off the in-room speakers or select Mute Conference Audio Only speakers from settings.  b) Check to see if you have entered the room more than once.

How can I fix issues with people hearing me or me hearing them?
If you are experiencing issues with hearing sound, or with others hearing you, try some of the following actions to resolve the issue:

  • Run the Audio Setup Wizard 
  • Verify your microphone settings be sure that Adobe Connect recognizes your microphone and that it is the one selected
  • Verify your speaker settings
  • Check the volume levels in your computers Volume Control
  • Check the volume levels in Adobe Connect
  • Disconnect your headset and leave the virtual classroom and close all browser windows. Reconnect your headset before launching the meeting room again
  • Connect to the internet using a wired (non Wi-Fi) connection.
  • Turn off all other devices sharing your internet connection (computers, Netflix, video game consoles, back-up software)
  • Restart your computer

If these actions do not resolve the issue, you can Submit a support ticket for further assistance.

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