Adobe Connect webcam support

Webcam Support

Webcam Settings

To access webcam settings, locate the webcam icon in the top menu. 

Click the right arrow to access webcam settings including to start your webcam or select your camera.


The camera pod may first start in preview mode, depending on the meeting room settings, so you can adjust the video before sharing with others in the room.  To start sharing simply click on the "Start Sharing" button. 

Additional settings are available by selecting the Pod Options menu from the camera pod.  Click on the right arrow to select another camera, start sharing, when still in preview mode, stop your webcam, expand to full screen or access more help options.


Frequently asked questions

Why don't I see a webcam icon?
If you do not see the webcam icon in the top menu, the meeting host has not enabled webcams for participants. 


Why don't I see my camera from the list of available cameras?
If you do not see your desired camera from the available drop down options, make sure your camera is installed on your system and turned on.   Once turned on, if it still does not appear in the list you can exit and return to the meeting room. 


Why won't my webcam work with Adobe Connect?
It is possible that your camera may be sending too high a resolution.  You can verify your webcam settings and set the resolution to 640X360 and lower the frame rate to 20 per second. 



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