What's a VP "session?"

A Vantage Point session is a period of time during an Adobe Connect meeting when Vantage Point is tracking and recording attendee activity. Session activity is captured in the Session Data Output report available via Session History.

You can conduct a meeting with the VP Console present, but this does not mean that a session is active.

When you begin a session attendees may be asked to grant access to their cameras and microphones or agree to be tracked.

Vantage Point sessions can be started in several ways:

1. Session >>> Start on the VP Assistant Panel

Click the Start button in Session tab of the VP Assistant panel. See "Starting a session" for details

2. Start/Stop button on the VP Console

Click the Start/stop button on the VP Console. See "Roadmap to the VP Console for Tech Support" for details.


3. Auto Start

Auto Start begins a session based on the number of attendees present in the meeting. See "Can Vantage Point start session functions automatically?" for details

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