"The phone options are not currently available." Why not and what do I do?

The Join Using A Phone tab of the Audio Wizard displays the following message when the rPhone audio bridge is not connected.

It may take a minute or two to connect to the audio bridge when the audio teleconference is first initiated. Close the Audio Wizard, wait a minute and try again.

If this doesn't solve the problem ...

If you're a meeting attendee

If you're a meeting attendee, join the audio portion of the conference using your computer or select "I'll just listen." See the "Audio Wizard" article for details.

If you believe audio teleconferencing should be enabled, alert the meeting host using the Adobe Connect Chat pod.

If you're the meeting host

The Join using a phone tab of the Audio Wizard will also display the above message if "Enable phone when audio starts" is deselected in the Advanced Settings panel of the Audio tab in the Assistant Panel. Deselecting this option restricts audio to VoIP.

If you  want to enable audio teleconferencing for the meeting, go to the Audio tab of the VP Assistant Panel, click Stop Audio, select "Enable phone when audio starts" from the Advanced Settings menu and select Start Audio.

If you're the meeting host
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