Refined Risk - 01/09/2017



Refined Risk 4.1 offers many new features and core component changes geared towards improved platform flexibility, while delivering an overall hardening of your asset management experience. Multi-tenant functionality allows for the segregation of multiple business entities within a single deployment of the Risk application.


New features and enhancements:

• Multi-tenant capability

• OHS document repository

• Ability to email environmental record details to another user 

• Ability to email task details to another user.

• Optional weekly task summary email by user

• Ability to manually add a new property

• Performance improvements

• Dashboard UX improvements

• Environmental module form improvements

• Enhanced user session timeout management



Minor Updates:

• Rename the Settings menu option in the Administration section to Security Settings

• Rename the Insurance module to Risk Management

• Display of Questionnaire analytics for Quarterly Questionnaires

Bug Fixes:

• Ability to change property status

• Audit log entries not updating on auto-generated tasks

• OHS Tasks showing incorrect area of injury

• Admin menu hanging on security settings

• All options not included in Questionnaire option extract

• Unable to add new Energy Star account

• Excel extract not working on all Environmental records

• Report module not loading

• Compliance module documents not loading

• Unable to save copied questionnaires

• Unable to save user password changes

• Incorrect property count using 'like for like' on Water Dashboard


Version: RR 4.1 

Production Release date: 16-06-2017


Version: RR

Production Release date: 28-06-2017

Bug Fixes:

• Weekly task summary email not being sent

• Deleted tasks sending notification emails

• Reset password link not functioning as designed

• Environmental Compliance button available when module is disabled

• Unable to extract Health and Safety issues from OHS Dashboard

• Dates associated with task comments being set to current date when task is closed


Version: RR

Production Release date: 14-07-2017

Bug Fixes:

• Unable to a add new user with an external password 

• Date of comments for tasks created through recurrence process

• Administrator configured role alert notifications for records that are added, updated and deleted

• Dates associated with task comments being set to current date when task is closed


Version: RR

Production Release date: 11-08-2017

Minor Updates:

• Extra logging for JDE importing


Bug Fixes:

• Sort by date in environmental reports

• Blank reports in the Question Analytics excel report

• Spelling error on the dashboard

• Error message when unassigning properties from a user’s profile


Version: RR

Production Release date: 25-08-2017

Minor Updates:

• The default year in the Sustainability module summary now displays the most current year with summary information


Bug Fixes:

• Newly created users not having assigned roles even after assigning them while creating the account


Version: RR

Production Release date: 01-09-2017

Bug Fixes:

• Properties cannot be assigned to new users

• New users cannot view properties assigned to them


Version: RR

Production Release date: 15-09-2017

Minor Updates:

• Property Import Cron Job to Latest Script


Bug Fixes:

• Duplicate records removed from userprofile_systemcompany

• Unable to re-open a closed task


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