Connecting to audio using the rPhone pod

Using the rPhone in an Adobe Connect meeting room

Using the rPhone pod in an Adobe Connect meeting room is simple, while at the same time delivering extensive control over participants’ telephony options.


With the rPhone pod already installed in the meeting room, the rPhone button will appear in the Adobe Connect meeting menu bar and can be expanded or contracted by clicking the rPhone button.


After logging in for the first time the pod will no longer asks for ZipDX credentials, as those credentials were already obtained from the Adobe Connect audio profile associated with the meeting room. Only the green start meeting audio button will display.


However, if the logout button was selected at the end of the previous meeting, the pod will ask for the login credentials.



To confirm which Adobe Connect audio profile is associated with the meeting room, navigate to Audio in the Adobe Connect menu bar >>>> Audio conference >>>> the audio profile settings will reveal which profile is associated with the meeting room. The pod uses the meeting room’s associated audio profile automatically. Behind the scenes, the pod is locating the associated audio profile, extracting the credentials for that audio profile, and using those credentials to authenticate itself with the ZipDX account.


There are a couple items available in the rPhone pod before starting an audio conference:


1). Enable microphones for participants - by default Adobe Connect assumes that participants will listen to a meeting on their computer speakers and dial in on a telephone line to communicate. The enable microphones for participants button allows the host to toggle between enabling and disabling microphone rights for participants. If the meeting has many participants and is quite large, a host may not want participants to speak during the meeting and only speak with they are called upon.


2). Start the meeting audio - when this button is clicked and the meeting audio starts, Adobe Connect dials into the telephone bridge and initiates the audio conference call. At this point, each participant in the meeting room receives a pop up message providing them with options to connect to the audio within the meeting room. The host will need to call into the teleconference line to start the audio.


There are five options to connect to the audio in a meeting room through the rPhone pod:


1). Call Me - Using the call me option, the pod auto selects the appropriate country based on the participant’s IP address, or the participant can select their country from the drop down menu, and enter a telephone number with or without an extension. The rPhone pod will call the number to connect the participant to the telephone conference. This is great for participants who prefer a quick and simple method of connecting to the conference audio.



2). I’ll Call In - The I’ll call in option provides a field for the participant to select their country. With that information, the pod displays a dial-in number and an associated conference code to join the call. After the participant has called in, the OK, I’ve Called In button appears in green and an ID number will appear for the participant to identify themselves within the meeting room. When the participant enters their unique ID number, their telephone line identity is merged with the participant identity in the meeting room. When the two identities are merged, the participant’s computer speakers are automatically muted to prevent playback audio.



3). I’ll Use VOIP -  The I’ll use VOIP option provides participants the ability to use a headset to listen to the audio over their computer speakers. VOIP can only be used if the VOIP option is enabled in the audio conference in the audio conference settings. If VOIP is disabled, (meaning that the allow participants microphones setting is unchecked in the audio conference settings), then the VOIP option disappears. To enable and disable the participant microphones, navigate to audio in the Adobe Connect meeting menu bar >>>> check/uncheck microphone rights for participants.


4). I’m on the Call - The I’m on the call option is for participants who have already called into the audio conference prior to joining the meeting room. These participants are prompted to enter a unique ID code that will associate the identity of the participant on the phone with the identity of the participant in the meeting room. This is helpful when the host needs to identify who is speaking.



5). I’ll Just Listen - The I’ll just listen option lets participants hear everything said over VOIP or telephone through their computer speakers. Participants who choose this option cannot communicate verbally with others in the meeting room.


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